Retirement Plans

                                           Retirement Plans


Funding retirement plans requires timely valuation results and a strategic focus. Designing effective retirement plans requires innovation, creativity, and top tier knowledge. Our actuaries and consulting professionals are highly experienced in developing, modifying, monitoring, and modeling qualified retirement plans and non-qualified executive retirement plans. We’re prepared to assist clients during each phase of the process, particularly as legal, accounting, financial, and regulatory requirements arise. Perhaps most importantly, we are motivated to anticipate situations and position our clients with information and options as early as possible. Our expertise covers all categories of plans, defined benefit, defined contribution and hybrid options. Determining the optimum approach for a client situation means consideration of organizational goals and resources, and presenting solutions which take into account risk preferences, balance sheet impacts and human resource goals.MWM defines itself by its effective use of technology, tailored to each client’s needs and goals. As we work on retirement projects, we take into consideration related aspects such as implementing communication and administrative systems (BEN.e.TECSM) to streamline the information flow and help employers manage their plans and employees manage their individual benefits.

Our retirement plan services address a range of approaches and plans:

  • Defined Benefit Plans (Qualified and Non-Qualified)
    • Traditional, Cash Balance and other Hybrid designs
  • Defined Contribution Plans
    • 401(a) profit sharing, 401(k), 403(b) 457 (b) and (f) plans, money purchase and target benefit variations
  • Retiree Health Plans

Forward Leaning

Every dollar is important. Effectively designed retirement plans provide employers and employees with opportunities and advantages. Understanding all the design and funding options, including costs, benefits and long term implications, helps employers make informed decisions with satisfying results