About Us

                                           About Us

MWM is an independent consulting firm providing actuarial, compliance and administrative services in the areas of employee benefits and dynamic actuarial forecasting and strategic analysis for entities in the area of financial, operational and demographic risk. At MWM, senior professionals are central participants in each engagement.

Projects at MWM are assumed by tenured consultants, not apprentices. We use our experience to deliver efficiency, innovation and enhanced quality. We combine focus and skill with the power of the latest technologies to solve our clients’ problems.

Our client base includes public and private sector organizations: privately held companies, Fortune 1000 corporations, large and small governmental employers, and tax exempt associations, hospitals and organizations. Our services are comprehensive – addressing issues of traditional benefit plans to risk contingent structures requiring pioneering approaches.

MWM helps organizations in a variety of areas through quantitative and analytical expertise:

  • Retirement Plans
  • Executive Compensation Services
  • Health & Welfare Plans
  • Public Sector Employer Advisory Services
  • Merger & Acquisition Support Services
  • In-, & Co- Sourcing Administration Services
  • Financial Modeling & Risk Measurement Services
  • Strategic Forecasting For Associations and Affinity Groups

Actuaries use mathematical risk modeling to prepare for the future, rather than to predict it.