Executive Compensation Plans

Every executive compensation plan is different. The plan might need to cover a group of executives or just the CEO. Industries vary widely in what executives can expect. And of course, the company’s strategic goals are unique to that organization. One size definitely does not fit all.At MWM, we recognize that executive compensation plans are often extremely complex, dynamic, and heavily scrutinized by both shareholders and the government. We put our expertise to work for our clients to tailor a solution that will address the specific interests of both executives and employer. Ultimately, the plan must work well for everyone.

This MWM consultants work to design effective executive retirement plans taking into consideration the requirements of 409A and the for tax exempt entities the requirements under 457(f) and implications of intermediate sanctions:

  • Supplemental pension plans
  • Restoration plans
  • Stand alone executive pensions
  • Retiree health programs
  • Mirror defined contribution plans
  • Stock option valuations



One of the most important elements of an organization’s compensation structure is what and how to pay their executive employees. Increased accounting, IRS, and SEC regulations, intensified shareholder oversight and a variety of other external forces shape the landscape and must be considered in addition to performance goals metrics.