Public Sector (Employers)

Public Sector employers confront economic issues from many directions. Our focus goes beyond the valuations of plans to assist employers in understanding the whole financial landscape associated with their benefit programs, and to develop pragmatic solutions. As consultants to management, we have not accepted appointments as “Fund Actuary”, believing that we can best serve the needs of an employer if we are free to provide our advice directly to management.

We have been assisting governmental employers in evaluating their retiree health programs since before the issuance and adoption of the GASB 43 and 45 accounting statements. We help governmental employers assess their pension programs by offering Second Opinions and Reviews of Fund valuations and by generally providing projections tailored to help employers understand and measure the impact of current and proposed programs, with robust sensitivity analysis and long term dynamic forecasting.

Our governmental clients range from those with fewer than 50 employees to those with more than 35,000 employees. We understand the internal administrative demands and high financial stakes of employee benefit programs in the public sector, and bring full intensity and experience to each project.

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